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Powering the security!
Asic Fuel - AVF Coin
Unparalleled protection against wallet and exchange hacks!
AsicVault is a security company making secure element chips and solutions for the crypto industry.
Our secure element chips are not ordinary chips just for a single user. They can support thousands of users at the same time. We are announcing 1RU sized appliance systems that can support between 100,000 to 1,000,000 users. All private keys of these users are held in isolated chip areas and they are not accessible to other users. It is impossible to steal or access all the keys at once because of this segregated secure storage. There is no vulnerable operating system that one could hack into, there is no way to copy the private keys since such function simply doesn't exist in hardware! This appliance system can be used by online wallets, exchanges, banks and other companies holding various blockchain assets. At all times you will be the owner of your private keys, no one could withhold or steal your funds.
Hacking exchanges is no longer possible.
Our chips together form a proper Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). In a similar fashion to Teechan, but without locking up funds in payment channels, Trusted Execution Environment allows us to perform instant transactions between AsicVault users, you could also call them Atomic Swaps. Since we can support different cryptocurrencies without any limits, the same TEE forms high frequency trading system - Decentralized Exchange (DEX). At all times you are the owner of your private keys. You don't have to deposit/withdraw anything. Even your personal AsicVault hardware wallet can directly participate in the decentralized exchange.

AsicVault secure chip is the basis of all AsicVault products and it burns AsicFuel (AVF) to execute operations. AsicFuel is a cryptographic coin that (as the name implies) serves as a fuel for executing transactions via payment channels and will be accepted as a preferred payment method when buying/subscribing to AsicVault products and services.

Unique security characteristics allow for segregated storage of up to 5,000 private keys on each AsicVault chip. Thus, online multi-user wallets that employ secure payment channels and can be accessed remotely will be introduced. Our Online Hardware Wallet subscribers will benefit from all security characteristics of the physical hardware wallet and enjoy functionalities provided so far by online wallets only - all at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a physical hardware wallet.

AsicVault ecosystem provides its users with lightning fast transactions enabled by the Trusted Execution Environment built into our chips. Enhanced payments using CoinJoin and CoinSwap will be available for the subscribers of the Online Hardware Wallet. The Online Hardware Wallet is based on the AsicVault secure chip and will be fueled by AsicFuel.

The proprietary AsicVault secure chip allows for completely new services to be introduced into the blockchain world. Similarly, to services provided by banks AsicVault users will be able to cancel transactions via e-mail, set spending limits, schedule payments and many more- without any intermediaries, all week long inside or outside of any working hours.

Those that are new to the crypto world and are unwilling to pay the full price of the hardware wallet, will be able to subscribe to the Online Hardware Vault that inherits all security characteristics of the AsicVault chip and is available directly on your smartphone, connecting it directly to the AsicVault chip. No servers, no intermediaries - your private keys are known only to you and the chip.

AsicVault chip and devices/solutions based on it are built with the notion of expandability and idea of providing a playground for motivated developers to build new apps and be rewarded accordingly, either via selling their applications or subscriptions to them on the AsicVault App Store.

AsicVault Hardware Wallet

AsicVault Hardware Wallet is the first physically secure cryptocurrency vault, providing 1000x stronger security, crypto accelerators and active antitamper functionality. It can be called a true hardware wallet since we have designed all key components in hardware, not in software. Total market size of hardware wallets sold exceeded 1,000,000 units in 2017. AsicFuel allows us to extend the market size in the future even more by providing hardware wallet monthly subscription plans with payments as low as 10 EUR/month.
AsicVault Hardware Wallet based on the innovative AsicVaut security chip will be available in 2019 Q1 for everyone. Full specifications of the device are available at dedicated product website.

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AsicVault Virtual Online Vault

The Asic Vault virtual hardware wallet will be available as a smartphone app that will connect directly to our remote AsicVault chips. There will be no servers in-between. This way we can remotely provide the same wallet security as in our hardware devices and even more. Direct connection to AsicVault chip allows to avoid all the security issues associated with common servers. Instead of purchasing a physical device, users will be able to subscribe for an online virtual wallet that shares the same security benefits as the AsicVault HW wallet and will make new services possible. AsicVault chips support redundancy by default. Multiple chips can be used to store the same user account and there is no synchronization needed between them. Multi-User Hardware Wallet uses at least double redundancy to protect against hardware failure, network failure and to allow firmware updates. Redundant AsicVault chips are located at different datacenters.


Secure AsicVault Exchange

Both hardware wallet and Online Hardware Vault users can directly participate in our decentralized exchange without depositing any funds into centralized accounts. Any exchange that mentions the words "withdrawal" and "deposit" is not fully secure since they are holding funds on your behalf. AsicVault chips support trading accounts that enable direct peer-to-peer trading and swapping of cryptocurrencies. The proprietary technology behind AsicVault secure chip might be amongst the first enablers of truly decentralized crypto exchanges. Up until now major exchanges are keeping their customers coins/tokens on hardware pool addresses. Such setup might and has been disastrous in case of elaborate attacks and many exchanges have seen their storages drained, mainly because all funds were locked behind a single private key. AsicVault chip removes such vulnerability by having separate accounts/addresses for each user on a single chip. Since single user hardware wallets and online hardware wallets are both based on AsicVault chips they can directly participate in AsicVault Decentralized Exchange and use Instant Payment Channels, Micro transactions and Atomic Swaps.

Next Generation AsicVault Security Chip

Next Generation AsicVault chip is going to be 5-10 times faster, smaller, integrating even more functionality. We expect our technology to be applied as a secure element in such fields as personal identification, conventional payment methods such as current debit and credit cards, governmental and private treasury environments, as well as any other field where top grade cryptographic and anti-tampering characteristics are at top priority.


To The Moon AsicVault Satellite

AsicVault premium virtual hardware wallet node will be launched as a satellite to be jurisdiction independent. This means that no matter what happens on the World's geopolitical scene funds of our customers will always be secure, accessible and transactable.


Coin details
coin name: asic fuel
coin ticker: avf
coin lifetime: perpetual
coin execution environment: asicvault blockchain
coin standard: AVF-Hash (sha-512 prime)
coin decimal units: 8
coin sales currencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and more

Coin Sales Details

minimum sales target incl.pre-sale: 350 btc / 2 000 000 eur
sales cap: equivalent of 9 250 btc / 52 500 000 eur
minimum purchase amount: 0.088 btc / 500 eur
maximum purchase amount per buyer: 50 btc
AVF coin supply
avf EUR equivalent BTC Equivalent
total supply: 200 000 000 120 000 000 21 250
ico (65.625%): 131 250 000 87 500 000 15 500
EUR/AVF 1 0.6 0.00011
Coin distribution
  • Total AsicFuel (AVF) supply is going to be locked at 200 000 000 units.
  • To kickstart the project we will distributing first 65.625% of the total supply as an Initial Coin Offering for the community and project team.
  • Coins will be distributed to contributors once the sale concludes.
  • Remaining supply will be locked in the blockhain for miner rewards, rewards for developers and other contributors.
  • AsicFuel ICO will be carried out in 2 stages:
Public pre-sale
To better support the interests of the project and our community, we have created a whitelist for the most interested participants. Please complete the form below to be considered for the pre-sale participation. You may also write us a comment at the bottom of the form if there is something you wish to make us aware of.

Hard-cap for the public pre-sale will be set to
8 750 000 AVF (5 250 000 EUR)
Public sale
The second and final stage of the ICO is going to be a public sale during which the remaining AVF coins will be distributed. Participation will be open for all eligible individuals with a minimum contribution of 0.088 BTC (500 EUR). If you are interested in participating in the public sale please follow this link and register to receive a notification when public sale is open.

Hard-cap for the public sale will be set to
87 500 000 AVF (52 500 000 EUR)
Coin conversion rate and timeline
Public Pre-Sale
1’250’000 AVF coins 0.11 BTC =
1800 AVF Coins +80% extra AVF Coins
14.10.2018 - 24.11.2018
1’750’000 AVF coins 0.11 BTC =
1700 AVF Coins +65% extra AVF Coins
14.10.2018 - 24.11.2018
2’500’000 AVF coins 0.11 BTC =
1600 AVF Coins +50% extra AVF Coins
14.10.2018 - 24.11.2018
3’250’000 AVF coins 0.11 BTC =
1500 AVF Coins +40% extra AVF Coins
14.10.2018 - 24.11.2018
Public Sale
1st week 0.11 BTC =
1300 AVF Coins +25% extra AVF Coins
2nd week 0.11 BTC =
1200 AVF Coins +20% extra AVF Coins
3rd week 0.11 BTC =
1100 AVF Coins +15% extra AVF Coins
4th week 0.11 BTC =
1000 AVF Coins +10% extra AVF Coins
The purchase of coins during the ICO is the guaranteed way to use Asic Vault settlements and purchase AVF coin for fixed price. Users, who has no coins will have to buy AVF coins from coin holders to use Asic Vault ultimate security possibilities. We are aiming at being listed on major exchanges after the ICO to support and enlarge our user base.
Coin allocation
As an Initial Coin Offering we will be distributing first 65.625% of the total supply with a total cap of
52 500 000 EUR in a following way:

Remaining supply will remain locked in the blockchain and will serve as reward for miners, developers and other contributors.

AsicFuel is focused on delivering AsicVault Security products that support large-scale adoption as quickly and efficiently as possible and thereby simultaneously delivering value to AVF holders.

AsicFuel ensures coins are in the ownership of contributors no later than 3 months after purchase if all the necessary account details are provided. Distribution of coins can be conducted before that date, but coins will be inactive for usage and transfers.

All trading functionality of coins will be active after the ICO in Q4 2018.

Media / Partners

This round will end in:

The Team
HANDO EILSEN Chief Architect
ANDRIS VAIVODS Chief Commercial Officer
RAIN ADELBERT Chief Hardware Engineer
Matiss Paegle Corporate Finance
Nauris Circenis Chief Tokenomist
Slava Kravtchenko International Affairs
Toms Meijers Marketing, Branding and design
Viesturs Selmanovs Pless Web Development
ONG Jun Hao 俊豪 ICO Expert, Crypto Advisor
Nikita Sachdev Brand Ambassador
Michael Major ASEAN Strategy Advisor
Ivo Grlica Blockchain Strategy Advisor
Stefan Allmer Business Expansion Advisor
Dmitrijs Nazarovs Legal Advisor